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Treating Mouth Ulcers in Teenagers

Treatment for mouth ulcers includes:

• Antiseptic mouthwashes: these contain an ingredient called chlorhexidine gluconate which kills bacteria and protects the teeth against tooth decay and gum disease.
• Steroid mouthwashes: these are stronger than the varieties of mouthwash you can buy in your chemist or supermarket. They help mouth ulcers to heal more quickly and ease any pain or discomfort. Steroid mouthwashes along with gels, lozenges, pastes and sprays are only available via a prescription from your GP.
• Home based treatments such as gels, pastes and sprays. These can be obtained over the counter at your local chemist and include ‘Bonjela’, ‘Xylocaine’ and ‘Difflam’.
There are a few ways of reducing the risk of persistent mouth ulcers which include avoiding spicy or salty foods such as crisps, cleaning your teeth on a regular basis and avoiding acidic drinks such as fruit juices.

If your teenage son or daughter appears to develop mouth ulcers on a regular basis or has an ulcer which refuses to heal then they need to see a GP or a dentist.

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