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Why Do Children Develop Mouth Ulcers?

Here are a few reasons as to why children develop mouth ulcers:

• Over-stimulation or ‘over-tiredness’: if there is a change in routine or sleep patterns then this leads to over-tiredness which can suppress the immune system. If this happens then the child is prone to developing illnesses or infections such as mouth ulcers.
• Biting or chewing inside of their cheek.
• Using a toothbrush forcefully so that it damages the soft tissues inside the mouth.
• Injury to the mouth caused by a sharp object or undue pressure.
• Change in diet or increased consumption of sweets and sugary foods. This is more noticeable if the child has attended a party or after a special occasion, e.g. birthday.
• Exposed to undue stress or anxiety.

Mouth ulcers in children are the same as those experienced by adults. They do take a bit of time to disappear –usually around a week to 10 days and they can be painful. Your child will experience pain from these when they eat or drink but this will ease after a short period of time.

There are over the counter remedies for mouth ulcers but you need to check with your GP, dentist or pharmacist as to their suitability for children.

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