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How to Change a Dressing

Changing a wound dressing at home requires organization and a sanitary location in which to perform the dressing change. Since dressing changes may be painful with a lot of discomfort for some patients; a quiet private place is ideal away from noisy children and barking dogs. Read the following article for instructions on how to successfully change a wound dressing at home.

1、Gather all the supplies you will need to complete the dressing change including trash bags and latex gloves.
2、Place the supplies on a sterile metal tray covered with white disposable paper towels close to where your patient will be seated for the dressing change.
3、Open all the packages you have laid out carefully and then wash your hands. Put on a pair of latex gloves.
4、Sit your patient down comfortably on a seat in a position that will be convenient for you to achieve a successful dressing change.
5、Gently peel back and remove the old dressing that's covering the wound. If your patient is elderly or thin-skinned, apply rubbing alcohol to the medical tape that’s adhering to the skin and wait for it to penetrate before carefully removing the dressing; tearing of the patient’s skin may occur if this is not practiced before removal of old dressing.
6、Using tweezers, dispose of the used dressing immediately in your trash bag.
7、Examine the wound to look for signs of infection; redness, pus and swelling. Take appropriate action on the infection as needed. Apply a sterile nonstick gauze pad to wound being extremely careful not to cause the patient additional pain while doing this. On top of this dressing, add a sterile gauze pad to absorb any fluids that may leak from the wound as it is healing between dressing changes.
8、Top the two gauze pads with a final sterile dressing and apply medical tape flat around the entire dressing to eliminate bacteria from entering via creases and air pockets. Be certain the dressing and tape is not stretched or tight as this will cause the patient unnecessary pain and discomfort.
9、Discard all used and unsanitary items in the trash bag immediately. Scrub down dressing-change location site and remove and discard your latex gloves. Wash your hands thoroughly.

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