Ulceloocin® Technology




Ulceloocin® Oral Ulcer Patchslowly reverts to a soft and gel-type thin sheet in the oral environment, adheres to and protects affected area of mouth ulcer as a physical barrier to reduce irritation and pain, resulting a faster healing of the oral ulcer.


The clinical trials of Ulcelcoocin® Oral Ulcer Patch were conducted using a double-blinded method on 90 patients with recurrent oral mucosal ulcers at the multi-centered national key dental schools authorized by the Chinese SFDA according to the current good clinical practice procedures.



Healing condition(size of the remaining ulcer wound in diameter during the treatment,mm)
  On diagnosis 4th day 7th day
Study group 9.48 +1.67 3.16+1.26 0.32+1.68
Control group 9.12+2.31 5.73+1.42 2.24+0.69
Comparison of healing condition P=0.262 P<0.01 P<0.01


Pain index(eation)
  On diagnosis 4th day 7th day
Study group 7.37+2.61 2.65+2.46 0.24+1.06
Control group 7.33+2.56 5.31+2.42 1.53+1.72
Comparison of healing condition P=0.963 P<0.01 P<0.01

*Clinical data are available upon request.



The above are the comparison data of the patients treated with Ulceloocin® Oral Ulcer Patch(study group) and the patients without any treatment(control group). The effectiveness of treatment was measured by healing condition and pain index. Pain index indicates the degree of pain due to the ulcer during eating. Healing condition indicates the size of remaining ulcer surface before and during the treatments.


The results demonstrated that Ulceloocin® Oral Ulcer Patch significantly relived pain (p<0.01) and effectively promoted healing of the ulcer surfaces(p<0.01).


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